Our company offers a combination of comprehensive training solutions, together with consulting services in our main areas of expertise, as follows:

Training Solutions

Our training solutions are all-inclusive. In other words, there is no need for customers to look elsewhere for top quality solutions, as we offer them all:

  • 150+ off-the-shelf live workshops, offered by more than 75 top of the line instructors around the world
  • Any custom-made live workshop
  • 750+ E-Learning courses, including 400+ also translated into Spanish
  • Thousands of exam questions, for standarized and progress exams
  • Webinars
  • Development, Review and/or Update of training curriculums
  • Competency mappings


Comprehensive training solutions are generally difficult to obtain. However, our approach to training is so straightforward that it makes the process very easy.

If the client already has identified the competencies and training curriculums for the different business areas, we would just provide the required top-quality training solutions, all under the same umbrella. Clients would not have the need to search for individual courses or instructors and run the risk of not getting the best course or instructor.

If the client did not yet identify the competencies and the training curriculums, we could offer to help do it, so that training dollars are directed in the most effective way. Afterwards, we would proceed to recommend the best training solutions and instructors, including combinations of live workshops and e-learning courses. Not all courses are crafted in the same manner, and this selection is extremely important.

The client would deal only with LOBO, avoiding the problems of having to deal with many vendors. LOBO would recommend the best training solution, and it would stand behind the recommendation. In addition, LOBO would handle all administrative matters with instructors, avoiding the client to search for, negotiate with, and approve different vendors. This is certainly a drain of client’s valuable training resources.

LOBO would also ensure that all services live up to the expectations:

  • All our courses are ensured to have adapted, updated content and effective, current practical cases. They are all designed to allow participants to interact and share experiences using practical cases
  • Our instructors are experts in their fields, current in business practices and also excellent instructors, who facilitate and deliver the material in a very didactic and lively way
  • Our course logistics are flawless. Great workshops could fail, just because of bad logistics
  • The client would receive a summary evaluation of the course and the instructor, to be able to verify that the training indeed accomplished the expected results.

We offer all these quality services under a single umbrella.


In summary, our services always include:

  • First rate instructors, all experts ion their fields and consistently high-rated
  • Original course material and practical cases, all of high impact
  • Successful, proven, highly rated workshops
  • As many interviews as necessary with the recommended instructor/s, to discuss the instructor's credentials and the client's objectives and expectations, to ensure a successful training. The client could reject the instructors, if he/she does not meet the client's needs
  • The ability to customize the workshop's cases and content, according to the client's specific needs
  • Flawless logistics. We will designate a Program Manager, who will liaise with the client and the instructor, and will coordinate the global administration of the workshop, including details such as the selection of the training venue, how to best organize the training room, how to reproduce and present the material, how to choose break meals, how to evaluate participant's satisfaction, air and hotel reservations, etc
  • Summary of course feedback ande evaluations
  • Course diplomas, if needed
  • Consulting post-workshop
  • Strictest confidentiality. Any and all information provided by the client will be kept in absolute strictest confidence. All data assembled on behalf of the client will be made available to the client, upon request. LOBO Global Advisors, its officers and consultants agree to execute and comply with all data and confidentiality documents needed by the client.


In addition to training services, we also offer overall consulting services in our main areas of financial expertise, as follows:
  • Risk Management
  • Balance Sheet and Liquidity Management 
  • Capital Markets and Derivative products
  • Treasury products
  • Relationship Management
  • Emerging Markets

Check our "Workshops" section for the list of our current, but growing, list of live workshops.

Check our "E-Learning" section for the list of our current online courses, available through licenses.