Live Workshops


Our company offers an impressive array of "off-the-shelf" instructor-led courses, all facilitated by top of the line instructors, who are all practitioners and experts in their respective fields. These programs, however, are customized to the particular needs of each client.

Even if we don't have the specific workshop that a client is looking for, we could easily get it. We know the best instructors in the field and how to make the offering successful.

On average, our workshops achieve satisfaction levels between 4.80 and 5.00 (with 1 being Very Dissatisfied and 5 being Very Satisfied), because they are all customized to the particular needs of each client.

Please consider the list below just a sample of what LOBO Global Advisors could provide. We don't publish course outlines, due to copyright issues. However, we would gladly share them upon request.


  1. Cash and Derivatives Trading Products (I)
  2. FX Forwards, Futures and Options (EL)
  3. Interest Rate Forwards and Swaps (EL)
  4. Interest Rate Exposure Management (EL)
  5. Currency Exposure Management (EL)
  6. Options (I)
  7. Credit Derivatives (I)
  8. Global Capital/Equity Markets (I)
  9. Equity Derivatives (I)
  10. Commodity Products and Risks (I)
  11. Portfolio Management (I)
  12. Technical Analysis (I)
  13. Reverse Engineering Transactions (I)
  14. Structured Finance with VBA (I/A)
  15. Treasury Skills/Trading Simulation (EL)
  16. Equity Trading Simulation (EL)
  17. Marketing Derivatives Ideas to Clients (I)


  1. Essential Risk Skills (EL)
  2. Introduction to Credit Risk Management (Institutional and Corporate) (EL)
  3. Intermediate Credit Risk Management (Institutional and Corporate) (I)
  4. Advanced Credit Risk Management (Institutional and Corporate) (A)
  5. Introduction to Credit Risk Management (Middle Market) (EL)
  6. Intermediate Credit Risk Management (Middle Market) (I)
  7. Advanced Credit Risk Management (Middle Market) (A)
  8. Introduction to Credit Risk Management (Financial Institutions) (EL)
  9. Intermediate Credit Risk Management (Financial Institutions) (I)
  10. Introduction to Credit Risk Management (SME-Small and Medium Enterprises) (EL)
  11. Intermediate Credit Risk Management (SME-Small and Medium Enterprises) (I)
  12. Consumer Business Management (Full Curriculum)
  13. Credit Application (CA) Writing (EL)
  14. Credit Risk for Non Lending Officers (I)
  15. Financial Distress and Remedial Management (I)
  16. Market Risk Workshop (Products + Risks) (I)
  17. Market Risk and Balance Sheet Management (I)
  18. Asset and Liability Management (EL)
  19. Contingency Funding and Balance Sheet Management Under Stress (I/A)
  20. Suitability and Risks in Derivative Products (I/A)
  21. Crisis Management (E/S/P) (A)


  1. The Strategic Banker (I)
  2. Relationship Planning and Client Coverage (I)
  3. Corporate Finance and Investment Banking (I)
  4. Intermediate Debt Underwriting (I)
  5. Advanced Debt Underwriting (A)
  6. Evaluation and Funding of Investment Projects (I)
  7. Mergers and Acquisitions (I)
  8. Corporate Valuation and Modeling (I)


  1. Introduction to Accounting (EL)
  2. Financial Accounting and Reporting for Corporates (EL/I)
  3. Financial Analysis of Corporates (EL/I)
  4. Financial Accounting and Reporting for Financial Institutions (EL/I)
  5. Financial Analysis of FI (EL/I)
  6. Advanced Financial Reporting and Analysis of Corporates (A)
  7. Advanced Financial Reporting and Analysis of Financial Institutions (A)
  8. Accounting of Derivative Products (I)
  9. Cash Flow Modeling (EL)
  10. Advanced Cash Flow Modeling (I/A)
  11. Financial Modeling, Forecasting and Valuation (I)
  12. Valuation of Early Stage Companies (I)
  13. Analyzing and Valuing the Privately Held Company (I)


  1. Introduction to Excel and VBA (EL/I)
  2. Advanced Excel and VBA (A)
  3. Microeconomics (EL/I)
  4. Macroeconomics (EL/I)


  1. Introduction to the Transaction Banking Business (EL)
  2. Transaction Banking Products (I)
  3. How to Sell Transaction Banking Products (I)
  4. Relationship Management in Transaction Banking (I)
  5. The Importance of Customer Service in Transaction Banking (I)
  6. Identifying and Capturing Repetitive Transactional Business (I)
  7. International Trade Finance (I)
  8. Structured Trade Finance (I)


  1. Introduction to Anti Money Laundering (EL)
  2. International Anti Money laundering Standards and Institutions (All)
  3. USA Anti Money Laundering Legal Framework (All)
  4. Doing Business with a US Financial Institution. What You Need to Know (All)
  5. Risk-Based Approach to Money Laundering (I)
  6. Anti Money Laundering: Customer Due Diligence (All)
  7. Effective Reporting of Suspicious Activity (EL/I)
  8. Effective Management of Politically Exposed Persons (I)
  9. High Risk Areas: Beneficial Ownership, Shell Corporations, Bearer Share Companies, Correspondent Banking (I/A)


  1. Key Management Skills (I)
  2. Leveraging Human Relationships (I)
  3. Leading People (I)
  4. Leading Teams (I)
  5. Guiding and Involving Groups (I)
  6. Building High Performance Teams through Trust (I)
  7. Leadership Guidelines Workshop, with Coaching (A)
  8. Sales and Influencing (I)
  9. Optimizing Client Relationships (I)
  10. Negotiation Skills (I)
  11. The Power of Emotional Intelligence (I)
  12. Mutual Influence is an Art (EL/I)
  13. Managing Conflicts (I)
  14. Better Business Writing (EL)
  15. Dynamic Presentation Skills (I)
  16. Business Writing and Dynamic Presentation Skills (I)
  17. Advanced Presentation Skills (A)
  18. The Three Laws of Excellent Client Service (EL)


EL: Entry Level; I: Intermediate Level; A: Advanced Level; All: All Levels